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Budget Changes That May Affect Your Financial Plans

11 May, 2016

Filed Under: Financial Planning

There were a couple of items tabled in the recent federal budget that deserve mention in this month’s column. These changes will impact the decisions people make with regard to their financial planning, however they do not take place immediately leaving... Read more

Patience Can Be Rewarded

18 April, 2016

In February I wrote about the urge investors can have to sell investments when they aren’t performing well. I think this topic deserves a special focus this month, bringing recent data forward to demonstrate the impact of emotionally charged financial... Read more

Tax tips 2016

14 March, 2016

We recently put up our pails marking the start of our maple syrup season. This time of year is brings mixed emotions. It is exciting because it means winter is over and nice weather is on its way. The downside is that it’s tax time and we may have to... Read more

New Year's Resolution

4 January, 2016

Looking for a New Year’s resolution? Try this… Enjoy the chocolate, the burgers and the fries, and consider doing something truly substantial and sustainable this year – make your financial plan the priority for 2016. It’s true, focusing on your finances... Read more

The Fee Evolution

23 November, 2015

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One thing we all need to learn to accept in life, is change. We see change every day, in all areas of our lives. The financial service and asset management industry is not exempt, as we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the changing investor... Read more